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The sybian is known the world over as the most powerful sex toy ever created and has held this impressive title since its debut in 1987. The sybian earned its legendary status by bringing millions of women to the most intense, frequent, rolling orgasms of their lives. The sybian is a sexual game changer that was created with one amazing purpose, to consistently deliver mind blowing orgasms and sensations of ecstasy to women. The sybian is an orgasm machine.

Rent a Sybian in Las Vegas

Sybian Las Vegas makes it easy to bring the Sybian experience to the privacy of your hotel room, home, party, or event. Tourists travel to Las Vegas for sun, fun, entertainment, and sin. Many are in Vegas seeking new experiences, perhaps something exotic that they have never tried before. A night with a Sybian is a unique exciting experience that will turn up and turn on any evening. Perfect for couples, swingers parties, bachelorette parties, and even bachelor parties if you choose to hire a rider. Renting a Sybian in Las Vegas is easy; simply text, email, or call to make a reservation and set up a drop of time. Once you have made your reservation make sure you are at your hotel room or residence for the agreed upon drop of time. You will receive a confirmation call from one of our operators to confirm the drop off. Once the confirmation is made one of our friendly professional operators will show up at your door, set the Sybian up, perform a second cleaning in front of you, explain how to operate the Sybian, and give you some helpful tips for maximum pleasure.

The rest is up to you, the pleasure is yours to be had. Rentals are in 24 hour blocks. Return works the same way as drop off. Simply call, email, or text when you would like to return your rental and one of our operators will drop by and pick it up. The operator will make a confirmation call before arrival. If you prefer to pick up and or drop of the rental yourself that can be arranged as well, simply let our operator know and they will provide directions to our office.

What does the rental include?

Each rental includes one each of the following:Sybian Machine, Flat top attachment, Instruction manual, Container of water-based lubricant (yours to keep). We offer upgraded packages with extra attachments and even entertainers for parties and adult shows. Feel free to call if you have any questions, we are happy to help plan your next Sybian experience package.

How do I get the machine?

One of our customer service associates will deliver the Sybian to your location and setup the machine. The machine is transported in an unmarked container. The associate will open the container, unpack the machine and attachments and instruct you on use.  Feel free to ask any questions you may have, and our expert will provide tips and techniques to help ensure you have the best experience possible. Our employees understand the value of discretion and will not discuss what they are delivering with anyone while entering or exiting your premises. Upon completion of Sybian rental, a customer service associate will return to pickup the machine, attachment and manual.

Rent a Rider

Optional with any of our packages. A Sybian model arrives with the operator and provides a live, fully nude, demonstration of the orgasmic power of the Sybian. Perfect for couples, swingers parties, bachelorette parties, events, and bachelor parties. Our Sybian rider models are amazing and know how to get the party started!

How do you clean the machine?

Of course we do, twice actually! Each Sybian is professionally cleaned after pick up and once again at the time of drop off in front of the renter. First off, the Sybian itself is coated in an antifungal, liquidproof medical grade vinyl that ensures a safe clean surface. Our operators use a cleaning agent called BioTEXT, a medical grade disinfectant, and thoroughly clean the entire unit and all attachments. BioTEXT is an all purpose surface cleaner and is used in hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities. BioTEXT is non toxic and requires no gloves or safety equipment as it is skin safe. Additionally the Sybian is cleaned with a non-toxic, skin safe antifungal toy cleaner after the BioTEXT. Included in each rental are condoms to apply over the inserts for an added layer of protection (if desired).

Will I become desensitized?

The Sybian does not cause desensitization. In fact Sybian use causes more sensitivity after riding. Due to the deep vibrations and multiple orgasms women achieve from riding a Sybian, the nerve endings of the clitoris and nerve endings deep within the vagina become hyper sensitive for a short time after. Riders report that after a few rolling orgasms on the Sybian, intercousrse becomes profoundly more pleasurable and intense.

Is the Sybian noisy?

Although the Sybian motors themselves do not make much noise, the vibration does. The higher the RPM the more noise it makes. Most of this noise can be muffled by proper placement of the Sybian on carpeting or a foam mat. The Sybian should not be considered quiet, but certainly not loud enough to cause a disturbance, think of a washing machine on spin cycle.

Will the Sybian suuport a larger woman like myself?

Absolutely, the machine’s housing is rated to withstand weight in excess of 400 pounds.

I suffer from Latex allergy. Can I use the Sybian anyway?

All parts of the Sybian are Latex free. The Sybian inserts are made of a material called Dynaflex which is a TPE Compound and Kraton. To date no allergic reactions have been reported.

I am using a Diaphragm or IUD. Can I still use the Sybian?

Our recommendations reflect the manufacturer’s recommendations. They indicate that if you use a Diaphragm you should not use the Sybian.

Can I use the Sybian if I am pregnant?

Our recommendations reflect the manufacturer’s recommendations.They indicate that you should not use the Sybian during pregnancy. The Sybian produces high levels of vibration and rotation.

A Brief History of the Sybian

A the time of the Sybian’s conception the creators were researching the sex toy and self stimulation market for a device similar in scope to their idea, none existed. They enlisted the expertise of sex therapists and physicians who confirmed that no similar device existed on the market and encouraged the inventors to pursue developing a prototype. The consensus was that this sort of device would be beneficial to women's sexual health and also fulfill a gap in the market for women's self pleasure. At the time vibrators, dildos, and vibrating wands were the industry standard in the female self pleasure market. If the standard issue vibrator is an old Ford the Sybian team wanted to design a Ferrari. The next step was to hire a design and engineering team and build a prototype.

Although early prototypes were clunky and did not achieve the desired effect, women who tried the early machines expressed that they had never felt anything like it and were genuinely excited about the project. The creators knew they were on to something at this point and realized that the market potential for such a device was enormous. From the original prototype to the end product took three years and thousands of alterations. Each step of the way the women testing the machine had tremendous influence on the design. Hundreds of test were conducted and women's feedback was subsequently built into the design. It's fair to say that the Sybian was conceived and built by men but directed and designed by and for women. An orgasm machine for women built around the collective input of many many women.

The Sybian Difference

The Sybian difference becomes glaringly obvious the moment you ride one, but assuming you have not had the pleasure, the main difference between the Sybian experience and other women's sex toys is how deep the vibrations penetrate. Most vibrators are designed to stimulate the clitoris and bring women to clitoral climax. The Sybian design makes use of several powerful motors creating deep penetrating vibrations that roll in beyond the clitoris creating waves of euphoria and trigger rolling orgasms. Some women have described the sensation as “ full pelvic orgasms “ and “ an ecstatic full body orgasm that I can only achieve while riding the Sybian” . The Sybian achieves these unique sensations through its multi motor design. The average vibrator has one motor and vibrations can increase in intensity through higher RPM, basically up or down, fast or slow. If you think of these vibrations in terms of sound waves as the regular vibrator speeds up the waves get closer and closer but shorter and shorter. This creates that high frequency buzzing noise and sharp “ stinging “ sensation.

The Sybian creates powerful rolling waves and as the waves intensify they move closer together but do not grow shorter, they stay the same height and maintain their power creating a deep bass rumbling sound and full deep pelvic sensation. The Sybian makes use of several motors in concert developing different vibrations penetrating the body at the same time. The Sybian also has a rotation function and insertion attachment to add another layer of viginal G-spot stimulation in concert with the powerful deep penetration vibrations. Given a certain amount of practice and familiarity with the machine women can achieve multiple rolling orgasams, women have reported having between 30 to 50 orgasms in a single session. The overall effect is a peak and valley of orgasm but one that never fully ends. “ I just kept coming and coming “. So hop on and enjoy the ride as long as you can hold on, the orgasm only ends when you decide to decide to let the pleasure wave break.